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Advancing the Adoption of
Trauma-Informed Care

 In its role as a steering committee member of the New Jersey Health Initiative’s Believe in a Healthy Newark collaborative, in 2016 GNHCC created the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Impact Team. The ACE Impact Team is a coalition of stakeholders from the education, youth development, healthcare, social service and criminal justice fields. The Impact Team’s guiding principles include acknowledging the cumulative and intergenerational impact of chronically stressful experiences and environments and understanding and accounting for the historical forces that have created a legacy of racism and segregation, as well as structural and institutional forces that perpetuate inequality and recognizing the role of privilege in creating and maintaining disparities in health outcomes. The ACE Impact Team is dedicated to educating the community about ACEs, trauma, and resilience, understanding and strengthening the practical interventions available in Newark to address childhood adversity and trauma in children and adults, and preparing the workforce with information and skills needed to incorporate trauma-informed practices into their service-delivery.

To learn more about the work of the ACE Impact Team visit the Newark ACE’s Connection page and join the movement.