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Faith in Prevention Original


Faith in Prevention is an initiative of the New Jersey Department of Health to expand the role of faith-based organizations in the delivery of health prevention services in the Greater Newark Area. Implemented by GNHCC, the goal is to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and ultimately reduce the burden of chronic disease among communities of faith in the Greater Newark Area.

Using an evidence-based curriculum, Faithful Families Eating Smart and Moving More (Faithful Families), faith-based organizations can encourage and model healthy lifestyles within their congregations. This six-week course lead by nutrition and physical activity educators in partnership with trained lay leaders includes regular biometrics testing, dietician lead trips to the super market, cooking demonstrations, and exercise classes. After the completion of the program each faith-based organization is encouraged to apply for a mini-grant. These funds can be used at the discretion of the organization to incorporate positive and sustainable policy systems and environmental changes within their community in an effort encourage healthy lifestyles. To date GNHCC has engaged over 45 Faith Based Organizations and educated 1,000 congregants.