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Maternal and Child Health

New Jersey’s racial disparities in the area of maternal and child health are among the largest in the nation. The infant mortality rate for black infants is more than three times that of white infants, and black women are more than four times as likely to die from pregnanacy-related complications as white women. In an effort to reduce and eliminate these health disparites, in July of 2018 the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) selected GNHCC as the Essex County grantee for the NJDOH’s five-year Healthy Women, Healthy Families Initiative to improve health outcomes for Black Non-Hispanic women of childbearing agea (15-44 y.o.) and to reduce Black Infant Moratlity (BIM), low birthweight and premature births in Newark, East Orange and Irvington. Initiative strategies include: (i) improve screening, assesment and linkages to services and supports, (ii) integrate Community Healthy Workers in the preconception, perinatal, postpartum and inter-conception periods, (iii) expand local clinical capacity for Centering Pregnancy group prenatal services, (iv) engage fathers as maternal and child health supports, and (v) equip residents with leadership, advocacy, and self-efficacy tools.